Fine Chemicals manufactures highly engineered and innovated Cast Polypropylene Films at its state of the art manufacturing facility at Sango-Otta near Lagos. We supply CPP films in widths up to 2700mm and thicknesses ranging from 20 to 120 microns. With our Plasma enhanced high-barrier metalizer we can supply Metalized CPP films with extremely high barrier properties.

Our CPP films are specially formulated to deliver high gloss, exceptional optical properties, excellent heat-seal performance, high heat resistance, excellent stiffness, outstanding dimensional stability, superior barrier properties, pliability and excellent printability.

Our CPP films are designed to provide solutions for a broad range of packaging as well as non-packaging applications and can compete with all other types of general purpose films on cost and performance.

We supply three types of CPP Films viz.

Our films are one side Carona treated and one or both sides heat sealable. They are highly suitable for lamination, coating/surface printing and side weld bag making. Our films are well known for improved wide window seal strength and perfect flatness for superior performance on high speed sealing lines in lamination form.

We offer films for use on low, medium and high speed packing machines and also customise them as per requirements of customers. Our films are well accepted by highly demanding customers and are appreciated for their excellent transparency, superior gloss, high seal strength, low COF, outstanding flatness and barrier properties.

Our films are commonly used in packaging, conversion, food wraps, lamination, candy & confectionary wraps, garment bags , bed wraps, stationary packaging, vacuums metallization, floral wraps, noodle packaging and a host of other applications.